Absolutely Insane Things are Happening Right Now...

Equities start the day lower as hell freezes over. Think about all the absolutely insane things that are happening right now 1) The Cubs are going to play the Indians in Game 7 of the World Series. Two fan bases who haven’t seen a championship since D-Day are going to play in front of 40 million people. I wanna buy FOX just for the cash they are gonna rake in tonight. By the way, how painful is the loss going to be for whichever team loses. If it’s the Cubs prepare for me to hate on the World. 2) Some dude with really crazy hair and a penchant for saying YUGE is closing the gap on his rival for President of the United States. Has the market priced in a Trump victory at all? No, but it’s certainly changing its expectations as we speak.  3) The S&P500 is on a 6 day losing streak and the cumulative losses are 1.8%. That’s almost hilarious if you think about it. 6 days of trading lower and the peak to trough is less than when Brexit happened. 4) SBUX came out with a hideous green cup that celebrates “Unity” and managed to drive a wedge thru its customer base. Look, Schultz, this is easy, pumpkin spice lattes from Oct 1 to Nov 1, red cups from Nov 2 to Dec 31, laugh all the way to the bank. McDonalds doesn’t do red shamrock shakes, don’t tinker with perfection.  5) The Fed is about to tee up a rate hike and no one is talking about it.  Stay tuned for some 1c analysis of the Fed decision later in this email.  6) Earnings are nearly over and both top and bottom line have positive growth rates yet no one is talking about it and 7) This guy. I mean wow (other than the man bun. sigh)

After the open we experienced a normal Fed day. Mornings consist of asking the question “what if they hike” while the market goes absolutely nowhere. Then, as we approach the actual decision, we start to ask “what if they NEVER hike” all while the market goes absolutely nowhere. Oil, we need to talk oil because my energy trader bugs me endlessly about it. Crude had the biggest build in 34 years, something nutty like a 4 standard deviation move (my favorite “sound super smart” stat) which hammered the commodity for 3%. Something something imports (jumped 2 mil barrels a day to 9 mil) even though we produce a ton of this stuff domestically?  Oil markets….make as much sense as delta hedging knockout options right? Ok enough of this Texas Tea thing we need to talk about why the market keeps selling off.   Most people think it’s the election and oil and interest rates and sentiment and while yes, it is a combination of all of those, I think this selloff is being magnified by liquidity issues. A fair number of people have flat out stepped to the sidelines in front of the Fed and the election so when you look at price action you need to do it thru a lens of suspicion. Anyway, let’s see what the Fed had to say.

At 2pm ET the Fed told us exactly what we already knew, they plan on hiking in Dec. “The case for a rate hike has continued to strengthen” was their words so ignore that at your own peril. You know who isn’t ignoring them?  Real Estate and Utility investors, those sectors continue to see significant weakness as they are undoubtedly loaded with far too many macro tourists. What inning do you think the “yield chase unwind” is in? 2nd? 3rd? Still early days there. Winners:  ABC / HSIC / ZTS / ANTM / KR.  Losers FTR / CERN / TGNA / PXD / EL / DNB. A few ups and downs in the afternoon but ultimately we closed at 2,097 which was the 7th straight day of stock market losses.  Ugh, not good at all.  Look, let’s be clear here, the market doesn’t “root” for a candidate.  It doesn’t want Trump to win or Clinton to win it’s just trying to discount the possible outcomes and right now they are as clear as a country river.   Near term volatility as the polls swing around is to be expected, it’s just part of the process, so put your stock market quotes on ignore and come back after the election.   Can I get a Go Cubs Go from the audience?  Pretty please?  Do you realize how big this baseball game is?   My heart can’t take it.  Actually….you know what?  Cleveland is guaranteed to win this.  I rarely make predictions but if you wanted a sure fire 100% cannot miss prediction it’s that Cleveland wins tonight.  They are just that good. Trust me, it’s over. Congrats Cleveland!! 

Final Score:  Dow -43bps, S&P500 -65bps, Nasdaq -93bps, Rus2k -131bps.         

News Highlights:

So you know those firework videos where someone screws up and sets them all off early?  I love them too.  Anyway, tonight we have a firework video where an entire shopping district of them go off early.  GO CUBS


Have a good night