January 2014 Blog

January 29, 2014
Futures were puking, ice covers the land as far as I can see, the Ottoman Empire is falling apart, and my $15 steak was overdone last night. I’m serious; you better bunker down and stock up on ramen noodles and batteries stat. Read more >

January 27, 2014
As I watched Taylor Swift bounce around last night like one of those car lot inflatable men I had a few things circling my mind. Why does everyone say the sky is falling on a pullback? Has EM ever NOT been a threat to the whole world? Read more >

January 22, 2014
Here’s one random traders take on what the herd currently thinks. 1) We are due for a 10%-20% pullback: Plenty being written about on this topic so it’s definitely consensus, which means we should buy stocks. Read more >

January 17, 2014
Since there was no dramatic market movement overnight I want to use this space to talk about online shopping (bet you weren’t expecting that huh). Remember last December when $UPS broke down saying “we have too many packages in our system, stop buying so much stuff you heathens”? Read more >

January 13, 2014
So the biggest buzzword I’ve seen to start the year is Valuation (I could’ve went with “Selfie” but I’ll save that discussion for another time). Kostin of GS is out with a big report talking about where we are and where we can go. The nuts and bolts of it is this: we sit at 15.9x, and if we use history as our guide the market almost never trades above 17x. It’s a good read, worth a couple minutes of your time. Read more >

January 7, 2014

Yesterday was colder at O’hare than the South Pole, did the world flip upside down? Luckily there’s a lot of action in the stock market to heat things up. Wait…what’s that you say? The first 3 closes in the S&P were 1,831, 1,831, and 1,826? Ugh. Read more >

January 2, 2014
There are two things I want you to pay attention to as we start fresh: Fund Flows and Dogs. First let’s talk about fund flows. As Bloomberg points out ETFs and Mutual funds took in about $162B last year, the most since 2000. If this market is going to continue to move higher it will need more and more fuel to be pumped from bonds to stocks, so we have to watch this data point like a hawk. Second, I want you to go dog hunting. Read more >