September Blog

September 30, 2013
Apparently our fantastic, highly competent leaders in Washington decided to watch the #BreakingBad finale instead of negotiating this weekend (can’t say I blame them) so here we sit on the precipice of the first gov’t shutdown in 17 years. Read more >

September 26, 2013
Markets…FEEL THE LOVE. Since last we spoke all of nothing has happened on the macro front. Actually something did happen, Washington decided to raise its head out of the swamp and scare us with spooky terms like “Shutdown” and “Cloture” and “Continuing Resolution” and “#Cruzin”. Read more >

September 18, 2013
I wish there was some kind of mascot to go along with this holiday because it feels like we need a face to this gong show. Oh well, so what does today mean to you? Read more >

September 16, 2013
You know when a CEO quits overnight, the stock opens up 10%, and you say to yourself “I wonder what it feels like to the guy who just left?” Now imagine the world’s largest stock market added a few hundred billion in market cap because you said “yea….maybe I’m not the right guy here.” Read more >

September 12, 2013
Wait….what’s that? There was a computer glitch responsible for bad data? Come on man! Read more >

September 10, 2013
I guess materials, printers, and home loans aren’t that popular anymore huh? What’s going into this bad boy? Goldman Sachs, Nike, and Visa. Oh baby, that’s exactly what the doctor ordered! Read more >

September 4, 2013
You know what I hate? When people do this. I also hate that person at SBUX who takes forever at the milk/sugar station. Seriously, drop some milk in there, a packet of sugar, stir that bad boy up and MOVE ON. Read more >