October 2013

October 31, 2013
If you are reading this in Boston, or you are a Boston Superfan, congrats, enjoy your victory parade (one of my best friends is a Boston fanatic, I have to live it daily. Read more >

October 28, 2013
Well Snapchat is in talks to raise capital too! At what valuation you ask? Well I’m glad you did, an app where you look at random images taken by your crew will be worth a sneaky $3.6B. Heady days I tell you! Read more >

October 24, 2013
That article (written by David Merkel) is one of my favorites ever and I read it every month to remind myself of what a top might look like. So have any of the things the author talks about shown up in our market? I’d argue yes, a few have. Read more >

October 9, 2013
being down 10 of the past 13 sessions? Weaksauce. Yesterday felt like the first time markets were nervous about this debt ceiling thing. Read more >

October 7, 2013
Next Monday is a holiday, Columbus day. Next week is “constituent week”, whatever that is, so not only does Congress have Monday off to celebrate a 15th century Explorer, they also get the rest of the week to sip coffee and eat Five Guys with the voters back home. Read more >

October 2, 2013
Halloween is pure, a chance to dress your kids up like Captain America or Ariel and watch them skip around eating candy. It’s also the perfect opportunity to see who remains a kid at heart. If a person hates dressing up for Halloween then they’ve lost their childhood forever, which is kinda tragic really. Read more >